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The professional personal protection officer (licensed bodyguard) is highly trained to deal with any potential threat and other issues that may arise. When necessary the personal protection officer can be a high profile visible deterrent to a potential threat. However, often the officer blends perfectly with the client and surroundings and goes unnoticed to virtually everyone except the client.

In addition to protecting the client from physical harm we are advance and logistics experts with the mission of shielding our clients from any threat that may cause embarrassment or damage to the client's personal or business reputation. Conflict avoidance is the most fundamental concept of professional personal protection.

Trust, discretion and confidentiality are also a professional and ethical obligation. Maximum security may require consultation and extensive preparation with management and security personnel at establishments such as hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. However, client discretion and confidentiality is a requirement and priority.

Covert and High Profile Personal Protection For:

  • Business Executives & Their Families - Kidnapping / Ransom
  • Families without Male Presence - Escort Women / Teenagers / Children
  • Domestic Disputes - Divorce / Custody & Property Disputes / Restraining Orders
  • Obsessive Behavior - Stalking / Harassment
  • Transport Valuables / Currency
  • Workplace Disputes - Terminations / Layoffs / Restructuring
  • Direct or Implied Threats
  • International Travel
  • Local Travel - Carjacking / Robbery / Bodily Harm
  • Travel to and from the Airports
  • Traveling Dignitaries
  • Politicians
  • Event Security / Public Venues / Hotels / Restaurants / Concerts / Festivals
  • Civil Process
  • Celebrities
  • Debt Collection / Repossession
  • Loss Prevention
  • Professional Athletes
  • VIPS
  • Disaster Recovery

Certified and Licensed: Training and examinations include; psychological evaluations, personal security, self defense, defense of a third person and firearm proficiency qualification. Recertification/license renewal is required every 2 years.

THE PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL PROTECTION OFFICER: Your secure escort for any public or private event or travel to and from the airports and most destinations.

Executive/Personal Protection Professionals
certified / licensed /insured

Eagle Investigation and Protection Services
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TX License # C10931

Eagle Investigation and Protection Services is a full service private investigations, security consultant and personal protection company certified and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau in Austin, Texas.